Established in the year 2001 at Bakhrahat, U-NIIT has reached pinnacles of success, in the field of Electronics and Computer Hardware & Software.
A highly proclaimed institution by itself, U-NIIT endeavors to provide job oriented, vocational training to the youth of today, chiseling them to carve a bright career in the IT world.
By conducting valuable corporate trainings for MNCs all over the world and tailoring our services according to their needs is our constant endeavor.
Ranking high on top search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista in the field of Chip Level Repairing and Training of LAPTOPS and DESKTOPS, U-NIIT has proudly made a name for itself.
Providing a friendly accommodation to out station students as well, U-NIIT is being globally acclaimed as an excellent Chip Level academy undertaking advanced courses in Electronics & Programming based equipments.
U-NIIT will be very lost cost computer sale and service. Purchase any type computer Items very High rate and by back scrap Loptop and many more.
You too can touch your dreams, with us.
Our zestful team at U-NIIT believes in going the extra mile in providing you the required courses, thus arming you with enough knowledge to chisel out a career for yourselves in this fast paced competitive world.
U-NIIT believes in showing you the path to success in the field of Circuit Level Training unlike other institutes which merely train you leaving you to fend for yourselves. By conducting advanced courses in Electronics & Hardware & Software or based equipments, we help you face open challenges which you shall encounter when you step out into the technology world.
Join us and unravel the potential within you.
Being India’s finest Government registered Electronics & Hardware Research Academy; U-NIIT is the oldest organization in India to carry out Component-Level troubleshooting and repairing of various sophisticated IT devices.
Field of expertise:
U-NIIT believes in quality work, which we deliver in our repairing performance. With the expertise of repairing devices like Laptop, PDA, Computer Motherboard and some hi-ended Medical & Industrial Electronics Equipments, our services are a class apart. The skilled engineers of our team are highly qualified to repair gadgets like Laptop, LCD Monitor, Printer, Scanner, CD drive, DVD drive, Monitor and SMPS too.
Unmatchable services:
Each member of our team works with a passionate vitality to provide excellent and reliable services to our valuable clients.,where we repair our customers’ products and provide them a complete repairing warranty. Our main service features include:
   1.     A quick delivery within 96 Hrs.
   2.     Most Competitive & Affordable Rates.
   3.     Flexible Day Warranty.
   4.     Emergency Spot Repair.
   5.     24 Hours Helpline over E-mail.
   6.     Office Hours Helpline Over Phone.
Effective Repairing:
   1.     Circuit Level Repair Of Laptop (Any Brand)
   2.     Circuit Level Repair Of Desktop Motherboard
   3.     Data Recovery (Laptop & Desktop HDD)
   4.     Circuit Level Repair Of Printers
   5.     Circuit Level Repair Of Monitor / LCD
   6.     Circuit Level Repairing Of Industrial & Medical Equipments
Unlike most of our competitors swarming the IT market, U-NIIT is rich in working with Intergraded Circuit diagrams, IC Pin Details, Service Manuals, Schematics & Software Stimulators and an unparalleled service without which a company cannot rise high in the challenging world of Electronics.
Being distinct in its field of training, service and expertise,U-Niit Computer Training Centre boasts of outstanding features which are unavailable anywhere else. We have an array of latest tools and gadgets.
Latest Tools & Gadgets: U-NIIT has been successfully implementing Training, Repairing, Research & Development works in the field of today's Micro Electronics. U-NIIT has the latest hi-ended tools and gadgets as listed below:
>> BGA rework station to carry out BGA chips removal / placing works.
>> Universal BGA ball making kit to perform ball making on chips to be placed.
>> 100 Mhz Duel Trace Digital Storage Oscilloscope an imp. Debug & diagnostic tools.
>> 400 Mhz Frequency Counter with PC interfaced Multimeter an debug & diagnostic tools.
>> Function Generator an debug & diagnostic tools.
>> 0 – 30 V, 0 – 5 A Duel Track Power Supply a must to troubleshoot power problems.
>> Advanced Post Card PCI for desktop.
>> Advanced Post card for laptop Mini PCI & Express PCI To troubleshoot today’s Laptop.
>> Universal ROM Programmer with conversion sockets to troubleshoot ROM problems.
>> Digital IC Tester, to check Analog / Digital IC problems.
>> R & D Breadboards to understand & learn Electronics practically.
>> PTH De-Soldering Station to work on today’s multilayer PCB’s.
>> SMD Rework Station the most important tool to work on SMD Component.
>> Solder Bath to work on Multi leg PTH component.
>> Micro Soldering Station to carry out soldering on micro SMD components.

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